Tuesday, August 19, 2014


On July, 3rd 2014 I dreamt of Jesus in the sky above an old pre-historic or ancient looking ship... The ship was very, very big, made of old , worn down wood and with no modern elements to it... He came only to take those that were on that ship...
and as he was leaving, there was a lot of fear , just tremendous fear upon the earth... there were unidentified flying objects appearing in the sky and a lot of people just trying to hide.... everywhere you look was fear... it was very unsettling for everyone. When I awoke I remembered that the book of Matthew chapt. 24 in the bible mentioned that so in the days of Noah so it will it be when Jesus returns. This is very serious, for I have had quite a few end-time dreams, even one that included the now frequent sinkholes which is definitely related to the end-times. The Lord is speaking frequently and through many people. We must prepare ourselves for the coming of the Messiah.... We must be ready for Jesus... Live Holy!.. Live pure!

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