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Saturday, August 31, 2013

War & Destruction

At 11:59 pm 8/28/2013 I awoke from a dream: In this dream I was at a place with a small group of people being prepared to go somewhere and being groomed by an elderly groomer, as he was doing up my clothes, and face and my whole body I notice he only spoke to me in scriptures...
next door I could see there was a meeting being held by some politicians and I saw a war plane too like they were discussing what they had and how to address an issue, but the issue was the trigger to bring about the beginning of the end of all things...I stop looking at the politicians now and turn to look elsewhere and like in another scene I saw UFO's in the sky with beams coming down from the spaceships but I knew it was a part of the deception mentioned in the bible so I was not afraid. later a group of people came in and gave us pictures of what the aliens looked like, their faces were blue in color. That scene passed and I saw a certain city where fire was coming from the sky to destroy the whole city now I was more than concerned and sad because my wife was living there and I didn't know if she got out. I notice after the fire, a huge dark cloud began to form in the sky looking like the face of a monster covering the whole city and it went straight down with a vengeance and its mouth wide open to devour the area and send every one there to hell. After this I was told it was time to go and we were sent to a place to gather some tools to climb a wall of pearl, crystal and precious stones and these walls had specific measurements... we all left together but I went back because I did not choose the right tools and on the way again I notice the group had left me... I was now at a central stop like a bus/train terminal and I saw a woman in tight clothing like skin fit and I turn away and went to speak to a man in dirty clothing and a man dressed in black intervene and sent me on my way saying- "let the unrighteous be unrighteous still.... let the filthy be filthy still.... and he pointed at me and said "let the Holy be Holy still" and I began to wake up and the computer was on and was playing Rev22:11 " He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still"... Waking up I heard that scripture very, very clear... Then when that verse pass my ears wouldn't recognize the other scriptures.... almost as if I awoke just to hear that scripture... right after the man in the dream spoke to me!. I then turn the computer off, prayed and went to bed. I believe things are about to get really ugly in the world from now on and we MUST now live a holy life. Bless all, Pray.