Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dreams,Visions and the End Times by Joseph

We have heard over the centeries of prophetic dreams and visions, some have come to past and some is yet to come,some have turned into great inventions.Some are from people who are considered to have diverse imaginations and some are from people considered crazy but the one that stands out to me the most is the vision from John of the New Testiment who wrote the Book of Revelations...he points to the end times and I believe his visions are true and will come to past sooner than later...Here is a series of dreams I had that was strangely close to the ones John the Revelator had and some that wasn't even close:
DREAM OF DISASTERS AND THE END:I had on feb 19 2010 I was in an area which seem to be giving away to slow moving earth (sink holes)so in a slight panic I began to search for a more solid foundation but it seemed the whole earth whereever I looked was filled with sinking dirt to where buildings seemed to be on the verge of giving away Then I saw an area which looked higher than where I was and thought surely there too must be soft but it wasnt and I was releived and as I stood there I saw others in the despair just wanting solid ground and I was moved with compassion to help but to my surprise one person started throwing rocks at me instead of asking me to help him up and to my surprise I threw the rocks back at him. Then I was in the presence of another disaster this time it was great rocks with fire on them falling from the sky to an area of the earth. Then I was in the presence of another situation looking like a huge, very powerful thunder storm was about to rip across the sky as far as the eye could see, so I entered a nearby building and saw a well dressed business man with a suit case so I warned him about the storm telling him,he will be fried if he doesnt turn off the television.He looked on as if to not believe me so I open the window to show him and the storm had taken another direction I left the building and saw that outside was clear and beautiful again and I was amazed how things had changed in an instant. Then I saw in the sky a huge circular cloud and then another and another going through each other without loosing their form like a wheel within a wheel. Then the clouds changed to the face of what seem like a older man with a stern look on his face The clouds then took the form of huge wings with the ends touching each other and extending all across the sky and they began to glide in unison, in one direction without turning and I fell to my knees and said "NOW EVERY KNEES SHALL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR". As the clouded wings pass above me in the sky I trembled at the power of there presence but was not afraid and as soon as they were zooming over me all four tires of a car I was close to began to disintegrate and the car slowly got low to the ground. THEN as I was waking up I was barely aware of my surrounding and could see in what appeared to be a vision of a muddy pool and three sets of heads of many different people keep popping up out of it and I tried hard to see if I could recognise any and couldnt I then became fully aware of my surroundings and the vision ceased and I got up and prayed giving GOD praises and telling HIM thanks for all things. ANOTHER DREAM:
In this dream I had on Aug 2,2011 I was entering a city being pulled supernaturally from another and it felt MORE REAL, than many other dreams I had. The city I was being pulled from was burning with a great burn and I saw that the whole city was being crushed and on the main,the highways and overhead passes were falling and I thought it was the whole world but as I looked arround I saw that the other city was intact.I looked up and saw nothing falling from the sky so whatever caused the destruction was from within the city and as I left I saw a statue of a man standing with his foot in between an eagle or an angel as a symbol towards the entrance.I dont know which city this is but I suspect it may be los angeles. ANOTHER DREAM:.
THE SECOND COMMING some time in 2003 I saw a vision or a dream of JESUS just a few months after I became a christian of HIM comming in the sky.It happened early one morning .The immage was striking and beautifull and awesome. The sky was clear and then HE appeared suddenly on what seem like a chariot with white garments and feet were like fire and surrounding HIM in the clouds where what seem like angels all had white gowns and crowns of gold on their head.It was the most beautiful sight I had ever envisioned and I was filled great overwhelming joy at that instance.Then after the dream just about 30 min later I was extreemely afraid at seeing what amount to a glimpse of JESUS....
Not sure why I felt afraid but I suspect it is because of the presence of GOD and HIS power and I know I wasn,t living right and also It was my first vision.Strange enough I never told anyone but sought to improve my relationship with JESUS.To GOD be the glory for all things! I SAW HIM AGAIN!On Friday may 25 2012 nearly 10 yrs later! I had a dream of JESUS where HE was in a cloud and HE bent down while in the clouds and took up an abandoned child by HIS feet and held the child in HIS bossom... Then in another part of the dream HIS face formed in a cloud and became more pronounced and looked like the pictures of HIM with beard and mustache and hair being one.This dream came six months after I bought the book "Face To Face With JESUS" by apostle David E Taylor I SAW HIM AGAIN For a third time:on Aug 31,2012 I was in a river with CHRIST swimming in a canal against a current of water trying to get to the other end and HE was leading me.HIS hands were like like babies small and soft but HE was slightly infront of me.I turned to look behind me and saw the enemy swimming too a distance off and by the time I look infront again CHRIST was infront of me some distance off,some how when I turned I let go off HIS hand and didnt know it and HIS pace was faster and stronger than mine and it didnt seem that way either.When I turn arround again I saw the enemy closer to me now so I know I couldnt out swim him so I headed to the banks of the water where it was dry and behold the enemy was still swimming but I out if I ran then I could possible make it to the end of the river before him before he could cut me destination was the end of the river.
I ran and found myself at the end of the river but on the other side of the bank..and behold there JESUS was on the other side so I jumped in the water and reached over the other side I was tempted to look back to see if the enemy was behind me but I didnt...I just focused on reaching JESUS and so I swam to HIM and stood infront of HIM...and HE admonished me saying why did you let go off MY hands?......Then I hugged HIM and HIS face was of a feutus even though he was in the robe and tall but HIS face was that of a baby,crimpled and smooth and I felt HIM and HE was like my mother,father,sister,brother,bestfriend wraped in one...I felt so close to HIM and HE showed that HE and the father and the HOLYSPIRIT is one so it was ok for me to call HIM GOD...HE showed me three seperate entity in ONE thing...its hard to describe because it was visual...its was like a blob or amoeba shape of like spiritual water or cloth they were the only three in it but it was one uniform blob of spiritual water and the name of the water was GOD. ANOTHER DREAM:
DEMONS-END TIMES?On the 7/27/2012 I had a dream that there were demons coming out of a funnel like cloud...this cloud was in the sky blowing them out like a hose would spray water..further out first then closer to the opening of the cloud as less came out..they were pitch black in colour and of different shapes...The last shape of the demon that came out was of a shark and as it came down to the earth like the last drop of water from a hose now turned off I saw no explosions,no movement of trees when it hit the ground in the comunity I was in but it seem to just blend into the earth...then at the gas station close to where I was standing I saw that the people there that had a touch of anger in them..this anger in them just multiplied in front my this I surmise that all who had a little darkness in them,this darkness became magnified.I went back to the house and found that only prayer could stop any infiltration into me or my household...boundless prayer and more prayer was the only defense in this period,then I awoke. ANOTHER DREAM:
WHILE LIVING IN NEW ORLEANS: I had a dream on friday , dec 18 2009 My brother was having a trip with his whole family and as he prepared he called every one trying to get them ready.This girl I knew called for to ask him if she could go and he said no because he had space for one more and that was me.He called me to see if I was going and I said no.He was dissapointeded because this trip was so important to him. Then there was a big fuss about a big game to be played in New Orleans,every one had gathered in what seemed like a huge bathroom,big tv screens every where,just about every one in the city was there sheltering also from what seemed like the worst storm in the history of mankind.A guy took out what seem to be his personal satelite I thought about checking my computer to sneek a peek at what if anything he was showing about the game. Then I was outside and I could see the storm it looked worst than any tornado I have every seen on or off the television and it was very very slowly making its way toward us.The path infront was clear and beautiful but where it was and alongside its path looked powerfull and dark and moving like a line of people stretched horizontally across as they do in some protests.I was afraid ...but no one else seem to care,they knew it was comming but just didnt care..wasnt afraid. Then as I stood there,an isolated lightening started makeing its way up the road I was on,in a zig zag was one of the most unusual and powerful thing I had ever seen and before I knew it,it was right where I was.Since it was moving from one to the other side of the road I decided to run behind it as it was about to be upon me.It passed me ...then,to my dismay it started reversing and I was about to take the same preventitive action,but to my great surprise the powerful lighting transformed itself to a lazer looking light..with no beams was on the ground moving arround..then a softer light appeared beside it round and broad in shape.
Then they attached themselves to me..I was lifted up and I started flying I was so afraid.As I was flying it seemed I was moving along the path of seas and mountains ..I began praying asking GOD to please forgive me of my I surely knew this was the end. Then I was flying over streets and homes and we flew straight through the closed door of a house,went through it like I was not made of flesh but of only spirit..and I saw a couple going through the routine of life and I thought it was ok but it wasnt...and I went through homes after homes and thought these were the things folks do that was ok to do but it wasnt. Then I came upon a house where a guy was abusive to his wife and he looked straight at me so now I thought he could see me so I blew on him and he responded by looking around and brushing off his neck...wondering where the sensation came from.As we continued on we came across alot of sexual misconducts.In particular there was a couple that were females and they were trying to engage themselves sexually but seemed off ballance and uneasy and unnatuaral. Then I was over what seem like a familiar ground close to where I went to school..and I look to the right and there was a fellow looking like the athlete Usain Bolt..he was crazy ...and I was told "he's a bolt" which I figure was a family member of the athlete. Then I was in this facility which may have been a school or business place and folks were lying on the floor in what seem like sleeping bags and I went to another room which had little or no one in it.Then I looked ahead and there was my ex-girl in what seemed like a yard next to the building and she turned away not seeing me and I thought about saying something to her...maybe a "hey" or "goodbye" but I decided not to and with unison the lights turn me away. Then we flew to our last building...I never entered.There was slick talking folks inside...telling tales and sowing seeds of deceit. Right infront of that building I was taken to the middle of the road and was told to kneel.And a car was comming straigt towards me some distance off...And the folks in the building said that the car will not do me any thing and even though I was previously osmosis-ing through buildings I felt and knew I no longer had this ability.I was extreemely afraid and as the car bared down on me,I had no power to move on my own. Then to the point of impact the lights pulled me away.......I was shaking. Then the devil himself came out the building...I didnt see him before...and he said I'll show you the car wouldnt hit you and he stood in the road and at the last moment he moved out the way. Then I woke up...and I was shaking and thank GOD for a second chance in my thoughts as I sat on my bed trying to recoup the dream. I then knelt and prayed and thank GOD for a second chance......I thought surely I could have died last night...from an anearism maybe....but surely I thank GOD for a second chance. ANOTHER DREAM:
FORM CHANGING CLOUDS on may 14/2009 in a dream my brother from Georgia paid me a visit, there was a sense of difference in the atmosphere my sisters were there too, looking tall and elegant but spaced out in the they were not sure what is going on...literally the clouds in the sky was making independent unusual moves...twirlling and moving in different directions. then one cloud entered into a pond close by and transformed itself into a sting ray...there were a few peaple in the water and some one said "see this this pond has never had fish in it....." then what was in the water then transformed into a young girl and came out of the water right infront of me, took my hands then began walking infront of me..after which I started singing a praise song nervously and she looked at me shaking her head for me not to... then she was transformed again and was in the sky...and in my spirit I felt we were in the end times. ANOTHER DREAM
ANOTHER DIMENSION 4:50 AM 12/24/2011 I was in a deep sleep and I dreamt a white light came upon me and I was in another dimension....And I experience many supernatural stuff...I was watching this lady and her fiancee push white sludge out of a pond like area as a form of living but they had to work fast because it seem every time they dipped their buckets the sludge got more to the point they had to use a wheel burrow directly with out a bucket or shovel....I remember talking to a man of GOD(dont know if he was an angel but that's who I knew him to be in the dream) dressed like a person in the old testiment days and He said JESUS was born on march the 6th..then as I thought about it in the spirit asking to myself(while dreaming and listening to him)"who are we celebrating on dec 25th?" then he stated that if we dont even know the day of JESUS' birth then shouldnt we celebrate it every day in the event the day we awake is 'that' special day..In another part of the dream I remember walking through a ministry and it was one room at a time and at the last room the lady preacher had two females or a male and a female around her talking about something maybe on the tv while people was in front of them....and as I passed by I thought I had pass by that seen earlier in real life but passing through it again in the dream....I remember in a room objects were floating and a tv fell on the face and didnt smash but bounce up to where it was and I marveled at the different things happening....I remember seeing a chandelier filled with bananas and my wife was there watching it too for that moment....and I saw something innocent that turned out to be vicious and somthing looking vicious turn out to be innocent where a vicious looking bear that came at me but when I reached out to touch him he became like a big freindly bear almost like a dog....I saw a door shut and ground meat like food on the floor and I saw where a basketball player decided he wanted to leave earth and not come back...I saw where I had the same option but I said I wanted to stay because I want to bring some soul back even though it was enticing since I would be going into rest....I saw a great mighty monster looking thing maybe a demon came at me but I fought it initially without fear then I received help from another monster looking thing which may have been an angel and it destroyed the demon and it protected me and I went close to a bed and another monster looking thing came over and lay on the bed and it looked like it was filled with maybe soars and I touched him without fear at the same time another monster looking thing came over and threw some condoms on him and both seem jovial about it and was laughing...I remember great things happening..supernatural things more than I remembered .Then I woke up and prayed. ANOTHER DREAM:
In this dream I had on sept 14,2011: I was sent in a place to and the people I have reached stood and the others who refused layed in their place and relaxed and just didnt care one way or the other...then suddenly a great explosion took place destroying the people who were not in the safe place standing.... Then I was told to go and as I went we heard a voice from heaven said come up the hill and we continued to travel and we saw a lone star in heaven where this voice came from. When we made it we were met by this guy who was the dog whisperer and I thought to myself how did he reach here before me maybe he had died or maybe he wasnt a budist anymore. The the guy directed us to a house where he asked if we knew the size of the house and I said about 20 rooms and he said no it is 24 rooms....then he took us inside where we grab beds it was about 4 of us and I felt like I could have done more to get more people to have come with us to have been saved. The guy left and said he will be back tommorow then I was in front of a room where there was maybe a six inch space under the door and I saw a baby on the floor where it seemed my sister left her child all alone but as I looked again I saw that house keeper was there not a nanny. Then I was in the house again and we had awaken for the next day and my sister wasnt washing the plates properly then I took it over and then I told everyone it was time to get up and I went and close the windows up and went down stairs and the guy was there and he told to wait while he went to check behind us.