Saturday, May 28, 2011



I said to myself,I will be victorious,I will

sustain,I will attain,I will overcome, I will,and

I said again not even I but HE that dweleth who

had entered like a mighty wind...suddenly.
Then myself said to me:You are my siamese, you

felt my pain,you felt my abuse,you felt my

denials,you felt my desertedness,you felt my

betrayals,you feel my cannot

overcome,dont you see what is ahead? will

fail,dont you see the mountain? cant

forgive,remember your afflictions,isnt the scars

forever infront of you?...
And I said to myself,alas...I kill you daily,

yet you live.Your thoughts permeates me,yet I

remain.Then I said,where I go you cannot go and

then I laugh...for I SEE you have no faith...and

what I hope for you cannot SEE and and what I

recieve you cannot have and I will say...flesh, where is your victory.
Still I laugh for my mind you cannot have

though you try,and try you have when you seek to

show me another, even my child when affliction

grew...but what I have is stronger than you....a

MIGHTY wind and I was comforted and believed and

I was not surprised when the fight came and went and I got the victory.So I laugh with no fear as I

know the strength carries on even to my

children's children even as the battle moves on

to different territories...from my BLOOD,SWEAT,TEARS HE has strengthened

me,and purified me,and given me my testimonies