Thursday, June 6, 2013


On 5/24/2013 I dreamt I was on a hill and looked up to see a great writing forming in the sky!! At first, I thought it was the scroll I had seen in another dream sometime ago but as I looked up pondering this huge black phenomenon, it began to form into bold letters and then into scriptures. The verses of scriptures where from the same book of the same chapter and then as I continued looking I saw one of the verse was high lighted...becoming more pronounced... I saw it was Amos 3:7 which says "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets". Then I saw a list of all of God's modern day prophets beginning to form. I recognize one that was on the 3rd or 2nd position not sure exactly which but it was close to the top, and it was Kenya's Prophet David Owuor in very, very big, bold and pronounced letters across the sky, and as I looked at the list with hundreds of names of prophets big and bold at the top and smaller at the bottom I could see mine forming very close to the bottom. I could barely see the writing because the letters at the bottom were so small but in the spirit I knew it was mine. At the end of the dream I was shown that a person I thought was a prophet was not on the list.... and I was surprised.... but in the dream when I told the person they were not on the list, they acted like they already knew this to be true and they weren't surprised at all. Glory be to the most High God who reveals His secrets to his servants.

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