Thursday, January 31, 2013


Early on Jan Friday 18, 2013 I had a DREAM where I was speaking to my wife about an attack on America that had taken place in California where the whole state was on a result I told her to lets stack up on a lot of dry goods and lets plant a garden in the back yard.
I told her I think the attack was a revenge response for America's participation in Mali or America's participation in some kind of major war in the middle east that is about to take place but had not yet happen( as of time of the dream). I found that food had become scarce as every one had rushed to the stores and stacked up and I also found that the electric bill had become very expensive because of the air conditioning used for the excess heat outside....this I realize, must have been in the summertime because of 'heat'....I awoke....Bless GOD...I will keep praying for America and Israel...This prompted me to look to see if others had similar dreams and I found some and placed them HERE.

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