Monday, September 10, 2012


GOD spoke to me in a dream on Aug 30,2012 and said " I AM NOT PLEASED WITH HOW MY PEOPLE ARE COMMING TO ME,THEY ARE NOT COMMING TO ME HUMBLE! then HE said to me "I DONT LIKE HOW YOU ARE COMMING TO ME!...then I said LORD should I wear sackcloth and ashes and HE said "SACKCLOTH AND BEAUTY FOR ASHES" then I saw an image of women worshiping in sackcloth with no make up on.I then said LORD I dont know where to get this sackcloth from,then HE said "BUY IT YOU HAVE THE MONEY" then I saw a picture of my wallet.I only had $7.00 I later found the sackcloth(burlap) cost $6.43 at walmart.So now I started researching sackcloth and what it ment to be humble before GOD.I found that sackcloth represents mourning,repentance and seeking GOD DAN 9:3 and humble before GOD means to condescend ourselves infront the great GOD when we seek HIM like job did Job42:6 saying how vile he is and how he ahbor himself in the face of the great GOD who created all things and who even called Job perfect before the start of his affliction Job1:8.Now even JESUS said 'why callest thou me good' showing us the ultimate act of humility for us to follow, and so we should do as james said in James4:1-10 and come to GOD with all lowliness of heart and not say in our hearts how great a person we are, no matter how good our works have been, because who can top Job much less JESUS. Now is the time of judgement,a time when the face of darkness is more apparent and disrespectfull to the ONE who created all.So GOD is saying to save this nation and any other nation likewise we must gather and REPENT and FAST and HUMBLE ourselves before the true and living GOD.....OTHERWISE HE will watch over the demise of the nation....PLEASE people especially people who are dedicated to GOD heed this call....for the fervrent prayer of the righteous availeth much! Lets REPENT and intercede like Job... Job 42:10..I am fasting and repenting for America,the Carribean(ancestors),my Community,Me & my Family and my Church family .JOIN ME!!

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