Monday, June 13, 2011


I am who I am
I was made that way
as the breath of life was blown into man
so was oxygen blown into my iron
and I became powerfull as a Cornegie find
I became a creationist, producing products
like vain and vainer and rich and richer as
1 billion seeds climbs to 7 billion in just 2 centurys
ferociously...I take the credit... as ...
I scattered them on my rails and railroads and floating metals and wings of steel
and I brideged gaps and covered gaps with bridges
... as I grew ... they tagged me father abrrr... I meant father industrialam.They fantacize and visualize and put a S on a chest and call it man of steel ....but I am still steel.

.... as I smile at my accomplishments...
I tear down walls of individualism and created streets of globalism and on this street I put up a new wall and called it wall street and lived deliciously and reigned and speculated and whatever I say was... and so I named and renamed and I called out even to the oil and say this morning your price will change and it did and it does....and I smile at my accomplishments.....even I gave the poor a new name and call them poorer.I whispered its a neccersary evil...they cannot handle sucess..nor knowledge...nor I send them industrial hits squads to buy their public domains to make them private and promote their private greedy leaders to make them public.... and I say I am still steel.

and I remember my days of humble beginnings when they called me base metal and tried to turn me into gold and the elixir's experiment brewed and the brewed experiments discovered new elements and they say 'if we use these minerals that the sick may get healed and it is profitable for them' and they also reasoned 'if the heal ones get sick it is profitable of for us'....hmmmm...and I continued and

spawned many side products as I gave myself to defense programs and space programs as innovations exploded and I am even the proud grand pappi of the gps,the internet just to name a few.
...and then it dawned on me like a flash of lightening cutting through a dark open space ...I was fulfilling a bible prophecy which says at the end..many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased..All this magnified when I was realised...I was predestined ...and I felt deflated because I had become my own GOD and I had influenced so many .... who still follows.

.....So the bible is true! I must warn them!...but who will believe my report?...Do I not still look like steel?

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