Sunday, August 29, 2010

GLEN he changed?

-The beauty of the "Restoring honour" rally put together by fox host Glen Beck has beckoned to the question: whether, or not he has changed from conservative skewed American to a man for all the people of America regardless of a political alliance.
-This rally was riveting and its message was clear "FAITH" "HOPE" and "CHARITY" as a point of view for all Americans to have or return to.
-It is clear that Glen Beck believes we should return to GOD as we have lost our first love and doing so will allow this country to regain the momemtum of prosperity and to recipricate a generosity that will be given to us for our obedience to GOD.Bravo!!
-If this mission of Glen is genuine to the core....Let me be the first to honour him with a sir....will now be called Sir Glen Beck by me.
-My hope is that this challenge laid out to America would be heeded to and GOD would find just cause to RESTORE us to a renewed self.
-Sir Beck is right...This is a nation built on FAITH and if we deem what the forefathers and visionaires hold to their core belief,we will forge ahead with the same or even a greater zeal understanding our responsibilities for our future generation and our responsibility for the world at large.
-It is not an unreachable goal if we all seek it,if we all work towards it,if we all believe it inspite of our many differences we can acheive it...YES WE CAN!

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